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Our member, Ellen, was at our Arts CSP planning meeting this morning, and shared this stamp that she found in her mother-in-law’s belongings.  We have just celebrated our 125th Anniversary and a stamp will be issued for that as well.

This 5-cent stamp commemorating the 75th anniversary of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs was issued on September 12, 1966, in New York City, where the Federation was founded.

The stamp honors the eleven million women who were members of US clubs, overseas clubs, and associate organizations.  The wide variety of programs offered by the Federation ranged from aiding school dropouts to promoting traffic safety, and from natural resource conservation to encouraging international understanding.

The stamp was designed by Charles Henry Carter of New York City and printed on the Giori press.  It was issued in panes of fifty stamps each and authorized for initial printing of 115 million.


Mother-in-law was also a clubwoman!