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_____ ACTIVE MEMBER ($50.00)  Active members are required to attend monthly

          general meetings when possible, serve in at least one department and participate

          in fund-raising and service projects.


_____ ASSOCIATE MEMBER ($60.00)  Associate members are invited to participate in all

          club activities including monthly general meetings

          and are asked to support fund-raising and service projects.  May be an Associate

          for as many years as have served as an Active member.  Associate members do

          not hold office or have voting privileges.


_____ PATRON MEMBER ($100.00) Patron members are invited to participate in all club

          activities including monthly general meetings and are asked to support fund-

          raising and service projects.  Need not to have served as Active members. 

          Patron members do not hold office or have voting privileges.


Additional Opportunities To Serve

SPECIAL POSITIONS: All members are eligible to volunteer for one of these special positions:


_____ EDITOR - complies and publishes the monthly newsletter (fun job but must be

          good on the computer).


_____ HOSPITALITY CHAIR - schedules members to bring refreshments and assist in

          set up for general meetings (need to arrive at meetings early).


_____PROGRAM CHAIR - schedules members to give an inspirational message and

         lead Pledge of Allegiance at monthly meetings. 

        Also helps President schedule speakers throughout the year.


_____ SUNSHINE - on behalf of the club, sends cards to members to celebrate

          birthdays or express concerns or condolences.


_____ TELEPHONE TREE - calls members without email (usually 10 or less) regarding

          occasional club business.


_____ WOMAN OF THE QUARTER- interviews a club member once a quarter, reads

          the interview at the monthly meeting so members can guess who it is, and

          then submits interview as newsletter article.

DEPARTMENTS (Required for Active Members):

All Active members (with the exception of Board Members) are to sign up for at least one department.  Associate and Patron members are invited but not required to sign up for departments and activities.


_____ HOME LIFE - provides service to people in need within the club and community.


_____ MEALS ON WHEELS - assist in delivery of meals to those unable to provide for



_____ CONSERVATION - focuses on resource conservation, environmental education

          and beautification.


_____ EDUCATION - focuses on local libraries and scholarships for graduating high

          school students in the community.


_____ INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS - plans fund-raising activities for international aid and

          promotes cultural awareness.


_____ MEMBERSHIP - helps Membership Chairwoman plan and promote activities for

           new and existing members.


_____ PUBLIC AFFAIRS - plans projects that support our service men and women at

           home and abroad.


Social Activities (Optional)

There are many social opportunities to participate in.  This is a great way to get to know other members in an informal, fun setting.  Depending on the interest generated, groups and activities will be formed.  Please check the activities you think you might be interested in.  Also, please indicate if you would like to be the person in charge of a particular social activity or would like to start a new group.


_____ BUNCO - an easy and fun game, meets once a month.  I would like to be a

           ____regular   ____ sub


_____ BOOK TALK - read and discuss books, meeting at public libraries


_____ GADABOUTS - visit a variety of historical and/or natural places such as

          museums and gardens.


_____ GOURMET GROUP - for members and their spouses or guest.  Take turns as

           hostess, planning the menu and meet to enjoy a delicious and fun meal.


_____ MEXICAN TRAIN - fun game for 2-8 players using dominoes.  I would like to

           be a ___ regular  ____ sub


_____  OUT TO DINNER GROUP - members, spouses or guest.  Meet at a different



_____ OUT TO LUNCH BUNCH - members meet a local restaurants for lunch once a



_____ WALK 'N TALK - participate in weekly scheduled walks, usually at beach or










Description of Membership Application

Use the following to assist you in completing your application.