Indicate if you are interested in one of these special positions.

             EDITOR – compiles and emails the monthly newsletter (fun job but must be computer literate).

            HOSPITALITY CHAIR- supervises set-up and clean-up at the monthly general meetings.

           HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE – assists the Hospitality Chair with set up and clean up for the monthly general meeting.

            PUBLICITY CHAIR– promotes various activities of the club.

            SUNSHINE – on behalf of the club, sends cards to members to celebrate birthdays or express concerns or condolences.

            WEBMISTRESS – manages the club website.

            WOMAN OF THE MONTH – interviews a club member, reads the interview at the monthly meetings so members can guess who it is, and then submits interview as an article for the newsletter. (This is a great way to get to know people!)


            SUMMER PARTY COMMITTEE – This committee plans the annual Summer Party.

I would like to chair this committee.              yes           no

            WINTER PARTY COMMITTEE – This committee plans the annual Winter Party.

I would like to chair this committee.              yes            no


There are many social opportunities to participate in. Please indicate your areas of interest.

          BUNCO – an easy to learn game with dice, this group meets once a month. I would like to be a        regular                  sub

          CARD GAMES – play card games such as poker, canasta, hand and foot, bridge, etc.

          COASTAL CARAVANS – enjoy leisurely hikes at local recreation sites.

          GADABOUTS – members visit a variety of historical and/or natural places of interest, such as museums or gardens.

          GIRL’S NIGHT OUT - members enjoy a special meal at an upscale restaurant every other month.

          GOURMET GROUP – for members and their spouses or guest. Members take turns as hostess, planning the menu, sending out recipes to participants and meeting to enjoy a delicious and fun meal.

          MEXICAN TRAIN – fun game for 2-8 players using dominoes. I would like to be a          regular    _____sub                                                                       

          OUT TO LUNCH BUNCH – members meet at local restaurants for lunch once a month

          OUT TO THE MOVIES GROUP – members meet at a local movie theater to see a film and enjoy appetizers afterwards.

          STITCHING 4 CHARITIES – members meet to sew, knit or crochet items for various charities here and abroad.

          WOMEN’S GOURMET – a gourmet group for women only. Members will meet at a member’s home to enjoy a meal

          cooked by the participants.

          WOMEN’S HISTORY GROUP – members meet to discuss important/interesting women in history.


I would like to be in charge of the following group:                                                                                                                                     

I would like to start a new group. Here is a brief description:                                                                                                                                  _

If you are a new member, how did you find out about our club?

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