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May Message from the President - Jane Hamel         




In this fast paced, sometimes hectic life we all lead, it is easy to get caught up in the drama and stresses of our daily lives.  This is the perfect time to reflect on the things that truly matter - and right up there near the top of the list are the friendships we treasure.  Each time you expand your circle of friends and get to know a new thing about a new friend, you enrich your life, and your new friend's life as well.  So let's make ourselves a simple little promise - "I'm going to take an extra few minutes and get to know something about a new friend this week."  perhaps try sitting with someone new at the May 13 meeting?  Isn't making new friends one of the primary reasons we joined this club?  It takes two to form a friendship, but you can be the first to extend your hand and heart - you'll be so glad you did.

Make New Friends and Keep the Old, One is Silver and the Other Gold.

                                 Camp Pendleton News:  Kathy Khalifa

We had yet another successful Moms4Marines giveaway on April 13th.  Ann Chapman and I worked with other volunteers the week before to sort a mountain of donations.  The items we brought were, as usual, very well received.  Thanks to Elaine Davis and Joannie Donohue for their generosity this past month, as well as all of you who keep these grateful families in mind when spring cleaning. 


International Affairs

I am planning an event at my home on May 22nd to honor Kathleen Lechner for her 40 years of service to our club.  I thought it would be fitting to use the tea party as a fundraiser for our newest charity, Sprinkles, which is a UNICEF attempt to increase the nutrition of children in countries like Guatemala.  Many of these children have stunted growth, physically and mentally, from lack of micro-nutrients like Vitamins A and D, as well as iron.  All the caregiver need do is sprinkle the packet onto the food the child is eating.  Jenna Bush, the former President's daughter, is promoting this project.  The cost per packet is small, yet the results are HUGE.

Thank You

Thank you to my LNWC sisters; you have touched my heart with your love and support upon the passing of my mom.  Your presence at her funeral service, prayers and cards, donations to the Parkinson's Disease Foundation, emails and hugs, have brought tremendous comfort and helped me and my family through this difficult time.  Thank you is too small a word to express what I want to say.  Know that your loving care will always be remembered.  Elaine Gennawey